Have the Standard or Collectors Edition ready.


Download the free Rift Rally game software on PlayStation Store or Apple App Store.

STEP 3: connect the car

Use wi-fi or a direct connection to set up your Chameleon smart RC car.
Click HERE for more info on connection options!

STEP 4: Choose car, game, and challenge

Follow the in-game tutorials to choose a digital car, then play one of over 50 Challenge races or play the freestyle Stunt Mode.

STEP 5: Setup your track

Build any indoor or outdoor track you can imagine with 4 Rift Gates and get ready to race, drift, and stunt, both in real life and on your device screen.

Help Videos

Here are some additional tutorials to walk you through your first drive with the Chameleon.
Check them out, and we'll see you at the starting line!


Is Hot Wheels® Rift Rally a video game?

Hot Wheels® Rift Rally is a digital game that pairs with a physical Chameleon RC car and physical Rift Gates. This creates a unique mixed reality gameplay experience where the physical Chameleon transforms in the game into a variety of vehicles, and races on a track marked by the Rift Gates.

Who is this game for?

Rift Rally is for anyone, ages 6 to infinity!

Can we play together?

Hot Wheels® Rift Rally can be enjoyed playing solo against the game or with friends and family. You can buy multiple games and race multiple cars together on the same track or play in a specially designed device hand off mode, where hot potato transfers of your controller adds urgency, silliness, and time to your race.

What can I use to build a track?

Anything you have on hand can become a track component or set piece in your race course! As long as the Chameleon is in range of your Wi-Fi signal, you can incorporate as much or as little as you'd like to take your custom track to the next level.

Do I need any additional equipment?

Nope! All you need to buy is the Rift Rally Standard or Collectors Edition package and use a supported PlayStation or Apple device. No headset required!