Code of Conduct

Velan Studios Code of Conduct

Velan wants you to have a safe and fun experience. This Code of Conduct (“Code”) describes the standards we apply to help provide a safe, fun, and inclusive environment.
We depend on players to act respectfully and ethically. Failure to follow this Code is grounds for suspension or termination of your Velan Account, along with any other penalties that Velan deems appropriate under the circumstances pursuant to the terms of the User Agreement.

1. Bullying, Harassment, Intolerance and Discrimination

Respect is essential. You may not bully, harass, threaten, or do anything else to harm another player or Velan staff, including:

  • Engaging in hateful conduct or speech concerning a person’s race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion, country of origin, or any other personal characteristics.
  • Disparaging or disrespectful treatment or Velan staff in game, Velan forums, or customer service interactions.
  • Sexually harass any person or make unwelcome sexual advances.
  • Invade another person’s privacy or attempt to identify users in the real world.
  • Falsely reporting harassment against another player.

2. Impersonation

You are not allowed to impersonate other players, community members, or celebrities to harm, deceive, or defraud any other person.

3. Cheating

Fair play is core to a fun experience.

You are not allowed to promote or use exploits, cheats, undocumented features, design errors, bugs, or glitches to advance in the game.

You also are not allowed to make it harder for others to play the game by preventing the normal flow of game play (e.g., denial of service attacks), in-game spamming, abusing chat options, or colluding with other players to lose games or manipulate matches or results. You also may not engage in behavior for the purpose of interfering with another’s game experience.

Promoting in-game currency buying or offering to sell, buy or trade an account used to play the game is prohibited.

4. Keep Content Clean

Content you create and upload is part of the play experience for others. All User Generated Content (including chats, avatars, team names, user names and other user designable elements) must be free of abusive, hateful, harassing, profane, defamatory, threatening, obscene, infringing, vulgar, or offensive content.

5. Comply with Law

Real world laws apply to our virtual game experience. You must comply with all applicable laws and may not engage in illegal activities such as doxing, hacking, making violent threats, or other illegal conduct. You may not use our services for fraud.

You also may not post any infringing or illegal content, including but not limited to pornography or child sexual abuse material.

If we discover illegal activity, we may notify law enforcement without notice to you.

6. Consequences

We apply this Code on a case-by-case basis. Factors we consider include the severity of the conduct, whether you are a repeat offender, and other factors. We will take any action we deem appropriate that is allowed under our agreements and applicable law. We also may take action on any conduct similar to the conduct above, even if that conduct is not specifically described in this Code.

Actions we take may include suspending or terminating an account, removing improperly obtained special features/entitlements, or other action we deem to be appropriate under the circumstances.

7. Safety and Security

If you see something, say something. We depend on our users to notify us when other users violate this Code. You can report abuse in game or contact us directly via for Hot Wheels Rift Rally and for Knockout City.